Verkat Malvasia



  • Description

    The wine is of moderately intense lemony yellow color. It is crystal clear with pronounced viscosity. Its bouquet is harmonious, profusely mineral and fresh, with a hint of dry flowers, and discrete grass undertones. Its aromatic layers finally suggest a ripe golden delicious apple. Its taste is smooth, exceptionally lush and fruity, with apple peel finish. The well integrated alcohol lends it sturdiness and gravity. This is an excellently composed wine with moderately long finish and sufficient complexity. The second sip is creamy with a hint of dry spices and fresh grapes.

  • Ingredients

    Type of grapes: Malvasia Istriana.

  • Availability

    Available throughout the year.

  • Allergens

    Contains sulfites.

  • Note

    Recommended consummation temperature: 12+°C. Harvest: hand-picked, the first half of September 2018.

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