Tastes differ

Fini is famous for our French macaroons, photogenic and lovely desserts of subtle taste. In luxurious gift boxes, this dessert shines its brightest.

20 pieces

For those with sweet tooth! A pack of 20 macaroons – flavors of your choice. The terracotta color of the box lends gravity to your gesture.

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10 pieces

Ten macaroons, perfectly crispy on the outside, filled with thick sweet cream, in their autumn yellow box.

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5 pieces

A discrete tender pink pack of five macaroons, inscribed with lines describing the first contact between the lips and the dessert.

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Fun Packed Box

If you choose multiple flavors, opening the box would be an event in its own right – the shower of colors would be like a shower of confetti at a party.

Wine and Sweets

Verkat are delicate wines made in Fruška Gora and they wonderfully match Fini desserts. In this combination, they perfectly complement one another and make a present complete.


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