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Who we are

We are a famous and we may proudly claim, much loved Belgrade patisserie, founded as a spontaneous and wanted extension of a small family manufacture. We started making desserts without much fuss more than ten years ago. Today we own substantial production facilities and we can host you in our two patisserie shops.

Our Plans

What we do

We produce desserts out of supreme quality ingredients, inspired by French dessert-making tradition, and we became famous for our French macaroons. From our ovens and stoves directly to our showcases, we send airy and creamy éclairs, tarts brimming with juicy seasonal fruit, fresh pastry and various raw cakes, Linzer cookies and prunes in chocolate, Cremeschnitte with homemade crust and macaroons in more than twenty flavors. To your celebrations, we deliver unforgettable cakes that you love. Open a box of macaroons and you will be swept by colors. Try just one and you won’t be able to forget them.


In producing desserts, we join high aestheticism and ingredients of highest quality so that we could make a perfect dessert. We cross the experiences of traditional and modern dessert-making, always relying on our sense of measure. Our butter comes from France, vanilla from Madagascar, raspberries from Arilje, our chocolate is from Belgium, while our “soul” is local.

We reach you in time, for your small and grand events, or when you just want a freshly baked croissant for breakfast. We deliver our products to your address, with a smile.

Visit us in our patisserie shops in Dorćol and Vračar. You will recognize them by the scent of sweets and the sound of clanking cutlery. By our showcases full of different colors and shapes.

Online shop is the place where you can become acquainted with our assortment.  Here you can order all your favorite items, as well as the cakes for your important occasions.

Our Team

There is something else, another especially important ingredient – our small professional team of hard working staff and dessert-making lovers. From acquisition of raw materials, to production and delivery, everyone has his/her role in creating the perfect dessert which is bound to make you smile. We cherish and treasure our people.


Where we are

Patisserie shops

Once, not so long ago, we said: “Creation of the appearance of our desserts, their presentation and packing involve elements of visual art, sense of color, composition and measure…”  All this is also the case with our patisserie shops. They represent unions of all these visible and invisible elements. We wanted to create places where you would wish to take a break and stay for a while. Nice Fini corners for pleasure and respite.

We about Us

Something else

We make supreme quality desserts and in addition to our taste standards, we wish to push the limits when it comes to aestheticism in presentation and packing of our sweets, cakes and pastries. Every sweet, or cake are like a little wonder for us, as they are created with much effort made by hard-working people, a lot of love, some chemistry and much alchemy. In thus conceived world of ours, our desserts are celebrations of life.


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