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FINI - Products


  • Fini-Products-Makaroni


    Round shaped sandwich biscuits pasted together with crème, crunchy on the outside, succulent on the inside, in many sophisticated tastes and lively colours, with their unique texture, macaroons undoubtedly hold a place of honour among the world’s most luxurious delicacies. They are perfect for every occasion, as a present or dessert at your event.

    (tastes: vanilla, raspberry, dark chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, lavender, passion fruit, salty caramel, lemon, coffee, mojito, vanilla-raspberry, cinnamon-plum, ginger-apricot, chocolate-mint)

  • Fini-Porducts-Ekleri


    Airy dough filled with different tasting crèmes, glazed with chocolate.  We offer you five different tastes – vanilla, coffee, hazelnut, pistachio and salty chocolate.

  • Fini-Products-Coko

    Cake pops

    Rich tasting succulent bites, coated in dark, white or coloured chocolate, shaped as popsicles. Ideal for children’s birthdays, parties, banquets and similar events. We make them in different combinations: chocolate-hazelnut, chocolate-peanut, dark chocolate-orange, marzipan.

  • Fini-Products-Krempita

    Cream pie

    There are numerous variations of this cake. We make ours with three layers of homemade thin, airy crust and the most beautiful light crème made with vanilla from the Island of Bourbon.

  • Fini-Products-Saher

    Sacher torte

    Even though we are mainly inclined to French cuisine, the quality of the dessert is our main criteria. This was crucial to our decision to make Sacher torte, originally made in Vienna, available to our customers.  Our take on the famous Sacher torte comprises two layers of savoury chocolate dough pasted together with some homemade apricot jelly and glazed with dark chocolate.

  • Fini-Products-Cakes

    Cakes on demand

    The price of a cake is 2800rsd/kg. Decoration is charged separately.

  • Fini-Products-Seasonal

    Seasonal tastes

    This is where we experiment, reinvent and make our imagination run wild… In summer we offer fresh seasonal fruit combinations, while winter is the right time for the savoury bites of airy pastry filled with different crèmes, from lemon to salty dark chocolate…

    price on demand
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